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Handheld Pool Vacuum, Rechargeable Pool Cleaner with Running Time up to 60-Minutes Ideal for Above Ground Pools

Handheld Pool Vacuum, Rechargeable Pool Cleaner with Running Time up to 60-Minutes Ideal for Above Ground Pools

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Pool Vacuum Rechargeable

  • Powerful Cleaning 💪

This compact pool vacuum packs a punch. Its high-performance motor generates impressive suction, displacing up to 8 gallons of water per minute. This translates to effortless cleaning for your above-ground pool, spa, or hot tub. No more struggling with leaves, sand, or small pebbles – this little powerhouse tackles it all!

  • Effortless Efficiency 😎

This pool vacuum boasts a long-lasting, 6000mAh battery that delivers a full 60 minutes of cleaning power on a single charge. That's ample time to tackle even the most debris-filled above-ground pool, spa, or hot tub. While the charging time might seem a bit longer at 7.5-8 hours, this ensures optimal battery health and longevity, so you can enjoy years of reliable cleaning.

  • Clean Without Limits 🫧

This versatile pool vacuum comes equipped with a telescopic pole that adjusts from a compact 33.5 inches to a convenient 69 inches. This allows for comfortable cleaning of most above-ground pools, spas, and hot tubs. And for those with larger in-ground pools, the pole can be easily extended by attaching a standard-sized pole (not included) for effortless cleaning from top to bottom.

  • Built-in Auto-Shutoff 📴

This pool vacuum boasts a clever safety feature: a sensor switch. For optimal performance and to prevent the motor from accidentally running out of battery, the vacuum will automatically shut off after 60 seconds if the indicator light isn't submerged. This ensures the vacuum is only active when cleaning underwater, giving you peace of mind while maximizing battery life.

  • Straight Out of the Box 📦

This pool vacuum is designed for maximum convenience.  Forget complicated tools and tangled cords!  Simply attach the unit to the included telescopic pole, flip the rotary switch, and you're ready to tackle debris with ease.  It's like vacuuming your floor, but underwater!  Enjoy a clean pool without the hassle – perfect for busy schedules and relaxation.

  • Complete Pool Care Kit 💦

This pool vacuum arrives ready to tackle any cleaning task, right out of the box. The kit includes:

The powerful pool vacuum itself

  • An interchangeable brush head for versatile cleaning
  • A convenient charger to keep your battery going strong
  • A lightweight, telescoping aluminum pole that extends up to 69 inches for comfortable reach
  • A connector for seamless pole attachment

With this complete kit, you'll have everything you need to keep your pool sparkling clean and debris-free, all season long.

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