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YouSky Handheld Pool Vacuum Cordless Pool Vacuum

YouSky Handheld Pool Vacuum Cordless Pool Vacuum

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YouSky Handheld Pool Vacuum Cordless Pool Vacuum

YouSky Handheld Pool Vacuums User Manual Download 

💪Powerful Suction:

  • Wrestles with Dirt and Debris:

This handheld vacuum boasts impressive suction, effortlessly tackling everything from small dust particles to large leaves and algae.

  • Versatility for Any Pool:

No matter if you have an above-ground pool, in-ground pool, spa, or hot tub, this vacuum is up for the challenge.

🔋Durable Battery Life:

  • Cleans for Longer:

Enjoy a lengthy 45-minute cleaning session on a single charge. With a 2.5-hour recharge time, you won't waste time waiting to get back to tackling dirt.

🏊Cordless Convenience and Adjustable Reach:

  • Untethered Cleaning:

Forget about tangled cords and restricted movement. This cordless design offers complete freedom while cleaning.

  • Effortless Maneuvering:

The lightweight design (around 6 pounds) makes maneuvering the vacuum a breeze. Plus, the telescopic pole adjusts from 18.9 inches to 68.9 inches, allowing you to comfortably clean from a distance without having to constantly reposition yourself.

👼Easy Maintenance and Large Capacity Filter:

  • Reduced Filter Cleaning:

The spacious filter compartment minimizes the need for frequent cleanings. You can enjoy extended cleaning sessions without having to stop and empty the filter every few swipes.

  • Double Filtration Power:

The double-layer filter effectively traps both tiny dust particles and larger debris, preventing them from re-entering the pool water.

🪫Simple Assembly and Charging:

  • Effortless Setup:

Follow the clear and concise instructions for a hassle-free assembly process.

  • Quick Charging:

The hot tub vacuum conveniently connects to the charger, and a full charge takes only 2.5 hours.

😍Warranty and Customer Service:

  • Peace of Mind Guarantee:

Your purchase is backed by a 12-month warranty and lifetime customer service. Our dedicated team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

YouSky Handheld Pool Vacuum Cordless Pool Vacuum

💦YouSky: Engineered for Effortless Pool Care

YouSky isn't your average pool supply brand. We're a passionate team driven by innovation. Our in-house engineers design every product, pouring their expertise into creating exceptional quality and unmatched convenience.

🦺Important Safety Information

  • Safe Assembly:

For proper operation, have an adult assemble the pool vacuum following the user instructions.

  • Keep Away From Children:

This appliance is not for children. Store it safely out of their reach.

  • Underwater Use Only:

This vacuum is designed for optimal performance when submerged. Using it outside of water can damage the motor.

Using the cordless pool vacuum is straightforward. Here's a quick guide:

How long does it take to fully charge?

This handheld pool vacuum can be full charged about 2 hours. Please keep it dry when you charge it and use it after full charged.

How long can you vacuum before recharge?

The pool vacuum for above ground can keep running up to 45 mins. It means that you don't need to charge it frequently during cleaning. Just need one time charging, you can clean the whole pools.

How should I store vac during off season? Leave on charger or let battery die?

For storage, please store it in dry and ventilated indoor environment. You don't need to charge it off season, but please make sure the pool vacuum cleaner full charged before next time use.

Can you replace the battery?

For battery, within warranty time, we will send replacement for free. If the machine is out of warranty time, please contact the customer service, we will solve it for you.

Can it be used in above ground pools?

Of course yes, the pool vacuum for in ground pools suitable for above ground or in-ground pools, spa and hot tub cleaning.

Does the entire unit have to be under water to work or just the head?

Yes, this need to be fully submerged under the water to function.The machine will stop work without water. If running without water, the machine will be ruined.

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Susan Taylor
Great Vacuum

The unit does a great job. It is much easier then trying to use the pool vacuum to waste.


Works great

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